Since 1973, the Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. (AICDAC) has been the designated Single County Authority (SCA) for drug and alcohol services in Armstrong and Indiana Counties. In 2010, Clarion County was added to the counties serviced in the state of Pennsylvania by AICDAC.

In the role as the Single County Authority (SCA), through AICDAC’s contract with the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, AICDAC receives, administers, and allocates federal, state, and local drug and alcohol funds to facilitate the provision of a comprehensive and balanced system of quality substance abuse prevention, treatment,​ and case management services in the three-county area.



The Commission is responsible for assessing needs, planning, developing, and coordinating programming to meet the drug and alcohol service needs and then monitoring and reviewing the outcome of these interventions. The Commission targets five core drug and alcohol service areas:




Case Management

Recovery Support

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Providing Service

Treatment services are provided through contracts with state-licensed inpatient and outpatient treatment provider facilities. Prevention, Intervention, Case Management, and Recovery Support services are provided by AICDAC staff. Services are available to all Armstrong, Indiana, and Clarion County residents regardless of their ability to pay.

Meet Our Board Of Directors

Susanne Steffee, President
Erin Eisenman, Vice President
Ronald Baustart, Secretary/Treasurer

Amanda Cserr
Brady Feicht
Charles Schiefer
Dustin Parsons
Eric Petrosky
James Wagner
Jamilyn Dykes
Joseph Carrico
Mike Donnelly
Nancy Kennedy
Pat Fabian, Commissioner
Sherene Hess, Commissioner
Wayne R. Brosius, Commissioner