Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative

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The LETI program is available in Armstrong and Indiana County.  In partnership with Armstrong County District Attorney Katie Charlton, Indiana County District Attorney, Robert Manzi, Jr., and the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, Armstrong and Indiana Counties have Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative policies.   Law enforcement in Armstrong and Indiana Counties will help save lives by supporting people willing to seek help for substance use. The Law Enforcement community is the main conduit to divert individuals willing to change their patterns and seek help. Law Enforcement will provide a start for individuals on their “Road to Recovery.” 

How to seek help? 

In Armstrong and Indiana Counties, individuals can contact a member of law enforcement at any time to request a referral to treatment with no threat of arrest or prosecution. This policy also includes the ability for law enforcement to connect individuals to AICDAC for a treatment referral at their discretion.

When a Pennsylvania county joins the Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative program, every law enforcement entity within that county has an opportunity to save lives and play a role in breaking the stigma of drug and alcohol addiction. The program empowers law enforcement officers as well as others to guide individuals who are suffering from addiction into treatment, rather than diverting them into the criminal system.  Click here for a LETI informational sheet.

In addition to law enforcement, this program also empowers individuals and families to get involved in breaking the cycle of addiction. The first step towards recovery is helping an individual who is suffering from addiction into treatment. Those in need of a treatment referral for either themselves or family members should view the Regional and County Wide Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resource Guide. The guide allows individuals to search for the county in which they reside and call the number provided to speak with someone who can walk them through the process of seeking treatment.

If you would like to discuss the LETI program details or would like to make a referral, please contact: