Certified Recovery Specialist

Recovery Support Services

Certified Recovery Specialists (CRS) work with the Case Management Unit at the Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission to assist individuals throughout the recovery process.

Recovery Support Services are voluntary and free of charge.  A CRS can help ensure that your basic needs are met, help you build upon your strengths, assist you in meeting your goals and connect you to resources in the community.  A CRS can work with you to find your pathway to recovery and help to bridge the gap between your needs and available resources.

Schedule An Appointment For CRS Services:

  • Armstrong County – 724.545.1614
  • Clarion County – 814.226.6350
  • Indiana County – 724.463.7860
Certified Recovery Specialist Positive Messages

CRS Staff Work With Individuals To: 

  • Access community resources (education, housing, transportation, supports)
  • Guidance on the recovery process
  • Recovery education
  • Help to develop a Personal Recovery Plan
  • Assistance in building life skills (job searching, budgeting, interviewing, etc.)
  • Telephone Recovery Support (Checkups)
  • Introduce and engage individuals in the recovery community
  • Provide support before, during and after treatment
  • Advocacy
  • Outreach for recoverees in early recovery
  • Recovery Support Groups
  • Referrals to Case Coordination Services