Tobacco Resources

School Based Programs

Catch My Breath Program

Provides students with the skills to resist peer pressure and media influences to try e-cigarettes.

  • Grades 5th – 12th
  • 4 lessons
  • Contact AICDAC to schedule

Why Animals Don’t Smoke

A tobacco prevention program that uses story boards and animal puppets to reinforce with children the dangers of tobacco and its effect on the body. 

  • Grades PreK-1st
  • One-time lesson
  • Contact AICDAC to schedule

Why Athletes Don’t Smoke

This program discusses why athletes of all kinds, from skateboarders to dancers to basketball players, should say no to tobacco, and how tobacco can affect the body.

  • Grades 1th – 3rd
  • One-time lesson
  • Contact AICDAC to schedule

Gateway Drugs Presentation

This Power Point presentation provides basic education and understanding about alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, vaping, addiction, resources, and teaches resiliency through peer pressure refusal skills.

  • Grades 6th – 8th
  • One-time presentation
  • Contact AICDAC to schedule

Vaping Awareness

This presentation is designed to educate students about vaping trends, risks, types of devices, rules, and support resources.

  • Grades 5th – 12th 
  • One-time presentation
  • Contact AICDAC to schedule

Vaping Trends

This presentation is designed to educate school personnel about vaping trends, what to look for, risks, types of devices, rules, policies, and support resources.

  • School staff 
  • One-time presentation
  • Contact AICDAC to schedule

Information Table

Vendor tables with information related to tobacco, vaping, help resources, etc. are available at any time to be displayed at school events.

  • Available to all ages 
  • Contact AICDAC to schedule

Tobacco Resistance Unit (TRU)

 TRU is a movement throughout all of Pennsylvania to help youth stay nicotine free.  TRU aims to prevent and stop youth tobacco use through education and showing legislators why tobacco prevention funding is essential to programs.

  • Ages 12-18
  • Contact Tobacco Programs Coordinator, Paula Di Gregory

Smokeless Saturday

 Smokeless Saturday is a teen education and cessation program for students found with tobacco and electronic cigarettes on school grounds.  Under current Pennsylvania law, students using or possessing tobacco at school may be disciplined by school administrators or referred to the district magistrate who can fine students.  A student found violating the policy in school can attend Smokeless Saturday rather than possibly pay court costs.

Cessation Based Programs

My Life, My Quit

This is a free, confidential, evidence-based vaping support program for youth who want help quitting all forms of tobacco, including vaping.  Coaches will help teens develop a quit plan, identify triggers, practice refusal skills and receive ongoing support for changing behaviors.   

  • Youth, under 18
  • Typically, five, one-on-one coaching sessions, every 7-10 days
  • Text, “Start My Quit” to 855.891.9989

PA Free Quitline

A telephone-based tobacco cessation counseling service offering free coaching, with no judgment. This program has a proven record of increasing your chances of staying smoke free for good.

  • 1-800-QUIT-NOW
  • Available 24/7
  • Free nicotine replacement therapy – if medically eligible
  • Web-based and text-messaging support:

Pregnant & Postpartum Program

When you are pregnant, you want the best for your baby.  When you stop smoking, your baby will get more oxygen, even after just one day of not smoking.  There is less risk your baby will be born too early.

  • 1-800-QUIT-NOW
  • Get up to 9 free, personalized coaching sessions
  • Receive cash incentives for each call completed
  • Get free nicotine replacement therapy – if medically eligible

Smoking Cessation Class

Smoking cessation is the process of discontinuing tobacco smoking. Tobacco smoke contains nicotine, which is addictive and can cause dependence. Therefore, nicotine withdrawal often makes the process of quitting difficult and face-to-face counseling is needed. For the complete list of PA Tobacco Cessation Registry by county:       

Outreach Agencies

Young Lungs At Play

A program aimed to help communities create tobacco-free parks, playgrounds and recreational areas for children. Many Pennsylvania communities have adopted outdoor tobacco-free policies at parks, zoos, athletic fields, playgrounds, trails, and even city sidewalks and streets to help protect both children and the environment.

Contact Information

Adagio/Tobacco Free Southwest

Tobacco Prevention
Adagio Health
1097 Oak Street
Indiana, PA  15701

Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug & Alcohol Commission

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Director of Prevention:

Jill Northey – 814.226.6350 ext.106 |

Breathe PA

Tobacco Cessation, Education and Prevention

Tobacco Cessation and Education Programs Associate: Rebecca Kishlock 724.772.1750 |

Indiana Regional Medical Center

Smoke Free for Life

Institute for Healthy Living- 724.357.8088 |

Keystone Wellness

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